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Improving the early experience for cancer patients

Results from the Advisory Board 2019 Cancer Patient Experience Survey

Advisory Board recently shared the results of their 2019 Cancer Patient Experience Survey, which was conducted as a national survey of cancer patients and patient interviews with cancer patients in active treatment and survivorship. Case studies of medical centers and hospitals were also included in the report. 

Insights from the survey and case studies showed that while cancer care programs are effective, there are areas for improvement. Specifically in the early cancer patient experience, Advisory Board uncovered areas where patient engagement is important, such as before they even receive a diagnosis or their first oncologist appointment. In our review, we look at the 3 important patient touch points and share insights about how to improve the early patient experience for cancer patients.

The 3 patient touch points:

  1. Identify patients in the diagnostic process
  2. Engage before the first visit
  3. First appointment impact 

Download this article to read more about the results of Advisory Board's survey and examples of what some organizations are currently doing to address these patient touch points.