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Patient Relationship Management

Leverage Triage Pathways to Improve Care

For many cancer care providers, the shift to value-based care has been a real challenge. At Navigating Cancer, we are lucky to work with innovative practices who are leading the way in that arena, figuring out innovative ways to deliver high quality care at a lower cost. They’re doing that by combining operational transformation with technology and we have developed our Patient Relationship Management technology with their input and expertise.

Dr. Ray Page from The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) recently explained how his practice has implemented triage pathways for their patients and how it has resulted in more efficient management of patients and has shown a proven reduction in costs. Read more at the Journal of Oncology Practice.

When nurses can follow a script and are empowered with physician-approved interventions, they can assess and act:

Empower cancer care team to proactively manage symptoms

Key benefits of proactive symptom management:

  • Reduced Variability: Deliver consistent, high quality care, regardless of provider or practice
  • Smarter Decision Making: Uncover deeper patient issues with symptom-specific clinical prompts
  • Consistent Documentation: Keep everyone on the same page and simplifies reporting
  • Better Patient Care: Build patient trust, improve outcomes and keep satisfaction high

Navigating Cancer worked with CCBD to embed these triage pathways within our software enabling oncology care teams to provide this type of care at scale. We have also listened closely to those who use our software. Our PRM’s triage functionality has made an immediate impact for practices across the country. A nurse from one large practice told us, “We have been able to significantly improve our triage process - expediting incoming phone calls and providing quicker intervention for symptom management in real time for our patients.” Another remarked, “We are more efficient and effective as a team since patient needs are clearly displayed in order of priority. This has been especially useful for us to pick up where someone else left off - nothing gets missed.”

And we haven’t stopped improving our solution. We are adding new pathways, improving incident management tools to ensure patient needs are met as soon as possible and improving our remote monitoring features so patients can easily let their care team know when they need assistance. 

If you haven’t seen our Patient Relationship Management digital platform in a while, it’s time to take another look! Schedule a demo today.

Reduce Costs with Triage Pathways

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